Split, in Croatia!

Let’s be clear: this article is not about splitting in Croatia, it’s about a lovely city named Split, located in Central Dalmatia, the region where the very famous Dalmatian dogs come from.

With a strategic geographic position – on the adriatic Sea, with a massive park, Marjan (read it Maryan), midway between Dubrovnik and Zadar, 2 very well-known beautiful touristic spots – this city is absolutely worth at a least a 1 week-visit.

With its Diocletian palace – a Roman architecture living since the end of the 3rd century, surrounded by marvellous battlements- its access to Hvar, Brač and Vis – 3 charming islands -, and its proximity with Trogir and Krka National Park, Split has a lot to offer.

Diocletian palace, which is classified as World Heritage Site by Unesco, is now living a contemporary life with the artists who perform at night in the LVXOR Café,  with the tourists and Spličani who enjoy strolling in the streets between the battlements and people from different backgrounds having drinks in the bars and shopping.

On the way to Šibenik, where you can visit the Krka National Park , is located Trogir, a medieval city, also classified as World Heritage Site by Unesco. The main attraction to visit in Trogir is Saint-Laurent Cathedral. But the city itself is a kind of museum!

About 60 kms further to the west is located the famous Krka Park. You can enjoy the falls, the contact with nature, have an overview of the life of people of the region in a previous era.

When back to Split, Spličani will welcome you with warmth and joy. These people are very nice and lovely. They almost all speak english, which makes the communication easy. They are very proud of their city, and can state with certainty that their city is the most beautiful in the world 🙂 I would say it is one of the loveliest 🙂

In addition to their warm nature, Spličani are sportive people. You can meet them running, biking or swimming; I think it’s in their genetics (or more probably part of their culture). When walking along the sea, you can see on the ground plates with the name of all the athletes who won medals in the different olympic games in the history. A lot of pride is displayed, and it is very heartwarming.

Food in Split mainly consists of fish and many stewed dishes, like Pašticada, that worth the trial. You can try it either in Split itself, or in the other islands that you can go to by boat trip. It is really worth the boat journey since the boat necessarily stops by amazing beaches – where you can enjoy the crystal clear water and be one of the very lucky and few visitors, some incredible caves (blue and green one) and gorgeous landscapes in Hvar, Vis and Brač islands.

Rergarding the beverages, make sure you drink Pipi, a Croatian soft drink that tastes very sweet 🙂

Either you go on a romantic getaway,  with friends or with your family, this place will be a heaven to stay in.

To sum up, it’s a beautiful and very safe place to visit; make sure you don’t miss it!

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