Last May, I had the chance to visit Malta for the first time.

It’s a lovely archipelago that consists of Malta, the main island, Gozo and Comino, 2 other islands, smaller than Malta, but still very beautiful and worth the visit.

I was based in Sliema, a lovely “city”, and I cruised around to La Vallette – which is now part of UNESCO list of World Heritage sites, Marsaxlokk (you can read Marsachlok), Ir-Rabat, Il Mosta – where is located one of the most beautiful and miraculous churches of Europe.

I’m putting city between brackets because it’s basically a neighbourhood and not really a city. Cities there are defined by the church they’re associated to, and since the island is full of churches, therefore, there are as many churches as cities 🙂

What surprized me the most is the culture of the islands; it’s a 100% mediterranean-culture, common to Spain, Italy, Morocco, and certainly Tunisia, Greece and other countries of the mediterranean basin, but I cannot tell with certainty since I’ve never been there.

The other part of the culture that was a kind of shock to me is the language: the maltese language is derived – mainly – from the sicilian arabic, which is a semitic language. So, hearing people that look european speaking many arabic words was a big surprise for me.

The influence comes from the fact that Arabic people have occupied the island for over 4 centuries. The influence is also visible on the architecture. The typical maltese balcony is a moroccan style one.

The other influences that are visible either in food or the phone boxes, or in language too, come from Italy and Great Britain that occupied Malta from 1800 until 1964, when Malta became an independant european country.

Malta is definitely a very good illustration of a beautiful mix between Africa and Europe.


Here you can find a compilation video of some of the most beautiful spots there.

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  1. lamlih says:

    J’espère que je suis la première à te faire ce commentaire, je suis très contente pour l’idée , je t’en félicite et je te souhaite un très bon départ et une grande réussite.
    Je suis fière de toi ma chérie.
    Ta maman.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fedie says:

      Tu es la 1ère, en effet 🙂


  2. Hind says:

    C’est une excellente initiative,je suis contente que tu aies fait ce pas afin de concrétiser ton projet,je t’en courage à continuer.Bise


  3. Fedie says:

    Thank you!!


  4. مسلم says:

    تجربة مثيرة وجميلة ..


  5. Karim says:

    Beautiful Malta!!! Merciiii for passing your holidays here with us!!! And a very nice looking article!! 🙂


    1. Fedie says:

      It was a pleasure!


  6. ibtimouts says:

    You go giiiiiirrrrrrl


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