Ciao Palermo!

If you’re in Europe, and that you look for sun in the middle of November, then head to the Mediterranean basin for some sun rays. Yes, when you’re frustrated by the Parisian weather, 20° feels like a grill!

Of course there’s Spain, there’s Greece, Morocco and Tunisia – from the other side of the sea 🙂 – but you can be hearing the purring of Vespas and Ferraris mixed to Italians’ voices calling “Mamma mia!”, “Sei bellissima” or simply “Ciao!” only in Italy. All this, while enjoying the best pasta and pizza…

If you’re also a running lover, then, bingo! You got the winning ticket. At this period of the year, the Palermo Maratona takes place in one of the most gorgeous landscapes  and is not super hard to be achieved. You could run it even “senza preparazione” (without preparation)!

Palermo is famous for its wonderful beaches with the typical Mediterranean golden sand, its 12th century cathedral, the various old city markets and the very unique Palazzo dei Normanni, that first was an Arab fortification, then became a reorganized and occupied palace by the Normans, then was turned into the hosting structure of the current Sicilian Parliament. So many lives hosted by the same walls!

All these are just a sneak peak of all the places that you can visit in the capital of Sicily. The city boasts around 600 churches and convents. Just saying…

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